Why use Genuine Parts?

You can only rely on Genuine parts.

When developing a vehicle, Nissan designed everything to fit and work perfectly in combination. For this reason alone you can only rely on Genuine Parts to work as they should and provide you with performance, longevity and peace of mind. Add to this factory back warranties, guaranteed fitment and better than you think pricing, what alternatives are there?


Genuine Brakes

Brakes as one of the most critical components of your vehicle are often compromised with inferior products in an effort to save money. Genuine brake pads and rotors are subject to rigorous testing to ensure that they perform in all occasions. Only genuine brakes are tested on the vehicle at the time of vehicle development and we can guarantee that they will work for you 100% of the time even in the critical moments.


Genuine wiper blades

Genuine wiper blades don’t smear, why? Because each blade is designed specifically to fit the contour of your windscreen and work at any speed as it should. Apart from the windscreen the wipers are the only things that allow you to see the road in front of you clearly when the weather becomes inclement.

New Zealand has some of the harshest whether conditions in the world for your wipers. High levels of UV ray, dust and grim mean that you should replace your wipers at least once a year, especially if you want to see where you are going.


Pollen/Cabin filters

They are one of those items that does not mean much to most. The pollen filter is what cleans the air you and your family breath inside the vehicle. They stop the pollen, germs and other nasty’s from entering your air conditioning system and should be changed regularly if you want to breathe uncontaminated air.


Service items

As an authorised Nissan Service Centre, we can guarantee that genuine parts are fitted at the time of service, because these are the only parts we really trust.